101 in 1001—the reason

Sometimes I want to be so much more than I am.

How many of you know I went to school to study photography? That I teach graphic design? That I have a flat file full of limited edition prints and other artwork?

How about that I started this post on September 28, 2007? I guess it got lost in the drafts pile. The sentiment still holds true.

Anyway. Finding this in the drafts pile really has nothing to do with what I actual want to post about. Or perhaps it does. I don’t know. What I’m really talking about is the list.

101 things in 1001 days. A way to get something done. Something I’ve been putting off. Or something I normally wouldn’t do. Just something. Some are simple. Some are a stretch but all of them will help to shape my life in the way that I choose to live it.

I first saw the idea of the list at Miss Zoot’s. She saw it at Zandria’s and I believe she got the idea from here. 1001 days. That’s 2.75 years. Obtainable without cramming it all in at once.

I’m going to post my list in a separate entry. As I finish the items on my list I’ll come back to that post, mark them off and date them. I have a printed copy to hang on the fridge as well. Those I’m highlighting as I finish. I’ve already started and can’t wait to check them all off.

I love lists.

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