9 Years


Three thousand two hundred eighty eight days ago I recited hand written vows with my best friend.


Four hundred sixty nine weeks ago we danced hand-in-hand in a huge circle with a slew of our closest friends to All Together Now by The Beatles as our last song of the night.


One hundred eight months ago I married an amazing man.


Sure, our relationship isn’t perfect. Sometimes we fight. Sometimes we go to bed mad.

Photo 21

But every morning a kiss starts off our day and I love him to pieces all over again.


He  is the one for me and I am the one for him.


I’m certain of it.


He gets me. In ways that NOBODY else could.


I’m so lucky he said “I do” nine years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Josh. I love you.

3 comments to 9 Years

  • Icanhasdiary

    Awww, this is so lovely. I love all the photos, too!

    I hope you both have a wonderful anniversary… and a huge pile of many more!

    <3 Love is kick-ass.


  • I love this! You guys are so sweet and perfect together. My favorite picture is the black and white one. You can just see how silly you are together and to me, that is an important thing in a good relationship. To be able to be silly together. :) Here’s to many more amazing years together!


  • Catherine

    Congrats! You guys are so good together! Love the silliness/love/awesomeness!


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