Button up

Buttoning our eyes in an effort to make myself forget that I missed Coraline in 3D. It seems to have worked. I want to button our eyes in every picture on the wall. Maybe I’ll do that for Halloween. How cool would that be? Wanna button your eyes? You can do it here.

8 comments to Button up

  • kapgar

    Okay, yeah, that would be a killer Halloween costume.

    I didn’t get to see Coraline in 3D either. But I’m pretty sure our theater didn’t even offer it in 3D and they’re the only one I know of around that would do that. They present their 3D fare on the IMAX screen typically and they’ve only been advertising Madagascar 2 (they seem to be pretty hard up for IMAX stuff lately) for the last month.


  • ? pixie ?

    kapgar—I wasn’t even thinking costume. That would be awesome. I meant changing all of our framed pictures to ones with button eyes for decoration.


  • JQ

    That is just creepy.

    Especially G-tot.


  • Nobody™

    I was going to say exactly the same thing that JQ said…


  • Cindy

    JQ and Nobody are right. I can’t look at you guys like that. It will give me nightmares.


  • Shades

    Now I feel like making ghost noises and keep expecting the eyes to follow me when I move.


  • Vegas Princess

    Okay that just freaked me out way too much. I don’t think I could look at you all the same way again. You made G-tot look too scary!


  • Kathy

    I these are very Tim Burton…Freak’n me out


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