Growing Older and Growing Bigger

35weeksToday I turn 35.

Today I am 36 weeks pregnant.

Today I am thankful for both of those things.

I will not be celebrating with cocktails this year. I didn’t on my 30th birthday either. Somehow I managed to be pregnant on both my 30th and 35th birthdays. I will not be repeating this trend for my 40th.

I also won’t be celebrating with my traditional key lime pie made by my mother. The one I eat slice by delicious slice with a cup of coffee over several days. Gestational diabetes has other plans for me this year. I’m guessing eating an entire pie by myself would be frowned upon by the dietitian.

How will we celebrate? I really have no idea.

And that’s okay by me.

Brotherly Love


“It’s for the baby.”, G-tot declared as he put the sticker on the ever expanding belly of my dress.

Man do I love that boy. Every night and every morning his little hands push around on my belly feeling for Huggy Baby. He hugs my belly and talks to the baby—sometimes really loudly. He is going to such an awesome big brother.

We’ve been reading books together that have to do with bringing another baby into the family. They are sweet and endearing and will often invoke a wide-eyed look from G-tot when we get to the end. As if he is thinking, Hey, that’s going to be me soon.

G-tot has officially decided that he wants the baby to share a room with him. I am constantly humbled by how unselfish this child is that I’m raising. When he outgrows something the first words out of his mouth anymore are, “We can keep this for my baby.”

His baby. Swoon.

I hope his little brother realizes how lucky he is to have G-tot in his life. I know I am.

Theory of LEGOtivity?


Taken at Legoland Discovery Center, Schaumburg, Illinois.

Moustache on Canvas

I was recently contacted by the fine folks over at Easy Canvas Prints to review one of their—you guessed it—canvas prints. The process was really simple and the results are too fantastic. I’m seriously considering ordering a ton more for my living room wall. The hardest part of the entire process was picking out which photo of the hundreds of thousands in my arsenal that I wanted to have printed on canvas.

Once I figured that out it was as easy as clicking on the Start Your Canvas button. I picked my canvas size—there are lots including cutom sizes—and wrap dimension, uploaded my image, and picked an edge option. I went with a black edge around the canvas and it is a perfect addition to all the black frames I have hanging up in my living room already.

Photo 951

That’s it. Easy Peasy. It took no time at all to get the print in the mail—I think a week—and I may have squeed a little when the FedEx guy delivered my package.

Easy Canvas Prints are currently offering 25% off all canvases and free standard shipping to the contiguous United States. Check them out!

*Disclosure: I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints to receive and review one canvas print made from one of my personal photographs. All opinions are mine.

He is Totally Staring at My Boobs


I needed a picture for my We Can Have Sex—But Will We? post over at Babble (which contains totally exciting news) and this is the one I chose. It is a picture we took on February 12, 2007 when I was just about 35 weeks pregnant with G-tot.

It is one of my all time favorite pregnancy photos. The look on JQ’s face pretty much sums up exactly how we were feeling about becoming new parents in just over a month at that point. Sort of a “holy crap this is really happening” feeling.

Four years later and I still think becoming parents was one of the most remarkable things we have ever done.

Hello Dolly

There are a couple of trucks around Toledo, Ohio that are covered with stuff. Lots of toys, dolls, and other bits of seemingly random ephemera that makes you stop and wonder just exactly what it’s all about. I spoke with a gentleman a few months ago that owns one of these trucks—along with a massive collection of Tonka trucks—and I think for him it is somewhat of a tribute to childhood. The kind of stuff that when you stop for a closer look you think, “Hey, I had one of those once.”


We see something new every time we check them out.

That yellow guy is a Snailien. Probably not remembered by many.

That yellow guy is a Snailien. I wonder how many people remember them from the early '90s?

Woody. Lisa. Dori.

Woody. Lisa. Flounder.

It works.

But at the same time there is something rather eerie about the missing limbs, dust covered, worn down dolls that are adhered to the sides of these vehicles.


Squeezebox. Yellow. Rocks.


Blue Eyes & Pupil Free


Choked Up

See what I mean?

Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

I could get used to this.


It’s don’t care that I couldn’t swim a single lap in that pool.


He loves it and that is all that really matters to me.


Navy Pier at Dusk


Chicago’s Navy Pier constructed out of LEGOs.

The lighting would change to simulate time from dusk until dawn. I happened to capture this one at dusk.

The Hat

I bought this sun hat last week and it is smokin’ hot. I’m not much of a hat wearer usually but this thing? I. AM. GORGEOUS in it. I feel totally debonair wearing it and am going to rock the shit out of that hat at the beach this summer.

You will all want me.


And not just me. My entire family.


Because it was just too awesome for everybody to not get in on the action.


Head Games


When I came across the container of heads while perusing the gift shop at the Lego Discovery Center in Schaumburg, IL about a week and a half ago, I secretly wished I was five inches tall and could jump in and roll around in them. But my super shrinking powers aren’t fully developed yet so instead I just ran my hands through them over and over again.

I think my favorite is the guy with the handle bar moustache and the eye patch.

How about you?