hand picked

I picked these cherries this morning while G-tot napped and JQ sprayed the weeds in the front bed. The tree in our backyard is full of ripe cherries and I wanted to get to some of them before the birds descended upon the fruit & took off with it all.

I needed the ladder to reach the majority of the little red cherries and even with the 6 foot ladder there are huge sections of the tree that I just cannot reach. My take was two full quarts and I barely scratched the surface of the tree. I could easily get another six quarts—but hand picking them is tedious. What I need is one of those scoop type things they use to harvest cranberries.

These are really tart cherries and I’m not sure what to do with them. I may try my hand at canning some. I may make a cherry bumble (with vodka and rock candy) or soak them in brandy. I may even try a cherry tart (although I’m not crazy about baked fruit). Any other suggestions are welcome.

My Mom stopped by while I was on the ladder, head up in the branches of the tree. Her first words as she stepped out of the car were, “You look like a farmer!”. And you know what? I sort of felt like a farmer. Tending to the gardens and the fruit tree makes me feel very earthy and domestic. It’s a labor of love and I really do enjoy it. When we eat the food we’ve grown on our property I get that earth-mother feeling all over again.

animal, vegetable, mineral

I have so many things that I want to write about but it takes forever to compose a post anymore and right now I don’t have forever. The gardens beckon—which I will be writing about soon (I know you’ve missed those posts) and I’m running out of alone time. G-tot (the baby formerly know as G-man—Do you like it? I thought I’d try it out. He is just a wee one after all.) is napping but I can hear him rustling around so I don’t know if he is actually sleeping still. I must hurry.

So…here’s where you come in.

Favorite fruit?
Favorite vegetable?
Are you growing anything—fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers?
Did you know Coriander is seed of a Cilantro plant? Double the value.
Have you ever raised animals for consumption?
Can you share a gardening tip with us? No? How about a question then?

And of course, a photo. Because, if I’m going to shoot them everyday, I’m going to share them.

Gam & G-tot. taken by JQ

glory be

The morning glory labels are finished and all the seed packets are assembled. I ended up with enough seeds for five groups—plus what I had already planted (which was enough for almost the entire perimeter of the fence out back). I made up four packets to give away. The last bunch I’ll plant today to fill in the area along the fence that I missed. They are 4 gram packets—like a commercially sold pack—and the planting instructions are on the back.

Shades gets one. So does Christina and Vegas Princess. That leaves one more packet up for grabs. If you want it, let me know and I’d be happy to send it to you. If multiple people express interest, I’ll draw a name. I’m going to try to get to the post office this afternoon to send out the packages to you three ladies. I’m pretty sure I have all of your addresses.

Hope you like them!

here comes the sun…

smelling the flowers instead of touching

My feet find themselves planted on the still dewey grass. I can feel a drop of water on the chair soaking through the leg of my jeans. There is a slight breeze flowing through the air but the sun is shooing it away. I love mornings like this. I don’t have to work today and it is going to be beautiful. That’s how it has been for the past several days. It is so good to be alive.

Thank you for sticking around Spring. Make yourself comfortable.

When I looked out the window Sunday morning I greeted by these beauties above. The first buds on my tulips had bloomed. You have no idea how happy this made me. Right away I knew I had to photograph them. Two dancers. A mother & child. Welcoming the day.

This morning, two pink blooms said, “salutations”.


It’s going to be 78° in Toledo today. I think Spring is finally here for the season. I cannot wait to get outside and start really working on the yard and the garden. Here’s just a small selection of items you’ll find in our landscape this season. Ahhh, spring.

garden specimens—cockcumber

From our garden.
Any thoughts?