Busytown Toys Giveaway


When I think of Busytown, I always think book pages filled with animals driving crazy cars throughout a town flanked with words describing what we are seeing.

Inhabited by anthropomorphic animal characters including Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Hilda Hippo, Bananas Gorilla and many others, Busytown is world full of learning opportunities.


From large to small it is there in Busytown, a fictional town created by long time children’s author Richard Scarry.

My husband and I grew up reading and learning with Richard Scarry’s animal friends. When G-tot turned two, we bought him a huge Richard Scarry book so he could have that same great experience of discovering new words and learning new things in Busytown.

Needless to say, we are big fans of Busytown in this house. We read the books. We watch the shows. We play with the toys.

And YOU have a chance to win a great prize pack and play with Richard Scarry’s Busytown toys too!


Richard Scarry’s Busytown Toys – Great Easter Basket stuffers.
Welcome to Richard Scarry’s Busytown!  It’s the liveliest, funniest, busiest town around!  Based on Richard Scarry’s classic books enjoyed by generations of families, children would love to be surprised by an Easter basket filled with a Richard Scarry’s Busytown vehicle pack, figure pack or mini plush.  These vehicle and figure packs are compatible with most wooden railway track play systems.  A comprehensive Richard Scarry’s Busytown play system is available, too, so kids can collect them all or build a Busytown all their own!  These toys are available at Toys”R”Us stores nationwide or online at ToysRUs.com.
Ages 3+

One (1) winner will receive:
An Easter Basket filled with a surprise selection of 8 products from the Busytown Easter Gift Picks including:

  • 1 Busytown Small Vehicle Pack
  • 1 Busytown 2-pack Figure
  • 1 Busytown Mini Plush
  • 1 Roadway Starter Kit

Want a chance to win?

Of course you do.

Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win this fantastic Busytown prize pack.
Let me know which Richard Scarry character holds a place near and dear to your heart.
Pontificate about why Mr. Frumble drives a pickle car.
Or just tell me you want to win.

Want a second chance to win? ‘Like’ Richard Scarry’s Busytown on Facebook (leave a separate comment on this post to let me know you did).

Giveaway will run until 11:59 pm EST on Wednesday, April 4th. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and notified via email.

Disclosure: I was provided a set of Richard Scarry Busytown toys to review and offer a giveaway on my site. Opinions are my own.

UPDATE, 4.5.12: Winner by random number generator (and excluding my replies) is comment #15—Nanette. Congrats, Nanette! Picture 6

Ladybug Girl Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to comments number 9 & 22—Dawn B. and Nanette!

Picture 9Picture 11

Picture 10Picture 12

You ladies are the lucky winners of the Ladybug Girl book giveaway.

Happy reading!

Ladybug Girl Giveaway

We are a family of readers. One of my favorite things to do is curl up in bed at the end of the day with G-tot and read him a few stories before bedtime. We hit the library on a weekly basis and bring home no less than 10 new books a week. By the end of the third or fourth day we’ve read them all.

I hope we are nurturing a life long love of reading in our son.

My love of the written word makes me giddy when I have the opportunity to review kid’s books. Even better is when I can give copies away to you fine folks!

Today I have that chance.

I recently received a copies of Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad as well as Ladybug Girl at the Beach. Both are charming tales about Lulu, a little girl who loves to dress up in her ladybug costume and use her imagination to create adventure in her life.


In Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad, Lulu learns that even though things don’t go as planned at her play date with friends, it’s okay to just go with the flow. Even if that means saying you are sorry when you try to make things go your own way.

In Ladybug Girl at the Beach, Lulu tackles the unknown with a brave face and discovers just how much fun the beach can be beyond sand castles.

Great for both girls and boys, the Ladybug Girl books will enchant you with lovely illustrations and tales that remind us to take chances, be awesome people, and never forget the importance of using your imagination.

Now it’s YOUR turn to read these tales.

Just leave me a comment on this post and you could be one of two lucky winners to get your very own copies of Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad and Ladybug Girl at the Beach.

Giveaway will run until the end of the day on Monday, September 5th.

Book values: Hardcover $16.99 each
Prizing & Samples courtesy of Penguin

*Disclosure: I was sent these books to review and offer a giveaway on my site. All opinions are mine.

A Bad Day for Pretty Giveaway

Stella Hardesty is the kind of woman to know. Especially if you were another woman. I could tell that by page six. She likes to drink her Johnny Walker straight and might be considered a little rough around the edges at first glance. But having her cell number programmed into your phone is definitely a good idea.

Stella dealt in matters of crime and punishment, too. Only her methods weren’t exactly endorsed by the Police Union. Her brand of justice was doled out in secret, in back alleys and secluded shacks, in the dead of night, far away from any citizens who might be startled by the screams of the latest woman-abusing cretin who was having his attitude adjusted.

See what I mean?

Stella is the heroine in Sophie Littlefield’s latest crime novel A Bad Day for Pretty and she kicks ass. This funny and surprising adventure sort of sold me just by the book jacket.

The blues, the pink, the anonymous lady with with the baseball bad—there was this air of femininity mixed with grit that made me eager to find out who this Stella was and what her tale might tell.

It was a good one.

And now you have a chance to read it yourself. For free! Blue Dot Literary sent me two copies of A Bad Day for Pretty—one to read and one to give away. How cool is that?

Interested in getting your hands on a brand spankin’ new copy of your own?

Just leave me a comment on this post by midnight EST on Monday, September 20th.

Make sure to include a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. On Tuesday, September 21st I’ll pick a winner via random number generator. It could be you.

Man I love free books.

*Disclosure: I received two copies of this book from the publisher. One copy to read and review and one to giveaway.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed and the winner is…Picture 5Comment #4!

Picture 11Congratulations Nicole! I hope you enjoy the book.

A Charming Tale

The word charming always reminds me of royalty. I can’t help but conjure up visions of grand ballrooms with huge staircases and beautifully inlaid floors. A prince in white with perfectly coiffed hair.

I blame Disney.

But that may change since I recently read a book by C.A. Belmond called A Rather Charming Invitation. It’s not about a prince. Or a grand ballroom.

It’s about an ancient stolen tapestry. And gambling. It’s the story of an adventurous duo named Penny and Jeremy. And maybe even a wedding if all these crazy capers would stop occurring.

After picking up the book I found out that it is the third in a series about this crazy couple. But by no means did I feel lost without having read the other two. The book—albeit kind of slow in the beginning—ended up being rather charming indeed. It was a fun story and oddly a feast for the senses. C.A. Belmond does an excellent job describing the landscapes, the interiors, and all these wonderful little details about various things. Quite a bit of traveling around Europe happens in the story and you can picture it all so well with every turn of the page. You almost feel like you are there.

It would be a great summer read when you’re hanging out in the backyard or by the pool instead of traveling around Europe.

Or even if you are traveling.


And guess what? You don’t even have to go to the library or the book store to pick up a copy because I’m GIVING ONE AWAY!

Yep, I was sent two copies of the book and one of you awesome folks are going to get a brand spanking new copy.


That’s it. Leave a comment with a valid email address so I can get in touch with you if you’re the winner. It can be about anything. Books. Summer plans. Your idea of Prince (or Princess) Charming. Whatever you want.

Easy enough right?

So go do it. Comments close Friday June 4th. Winner will be determined by random number generator.

Good Luck and Read On!

*Disclosure: I received two copies of this book from the publisher through the Business to Blogger program (Check them out they are pretty cool.) One copy to read and review and one to giveaway.

Update 6.5.10: Thanks to all that entered! The winner is:

Picture 2

Comment #11— Vegas Princess! Congratulations!

Picture 3