Convertible Shoes

One shoe to rule them all…

MarissaMeet Marissa. That’s the name of Day2Night’s new shoe that could change the way you pack for a weekend getaway or which shoes you pick out in the morning.

Why, you ask? Because the Marissa is convertible. That’s right a convertible shoe. Genius, right?

heelsCandace Cabe’s brain child combines the classic and sexy peep-toe slingback with 5 interchangeable heel options. You can go to the office in the morning in the 1.5″ heel and pop the 3.5″ heel on—or one of three other sizes in between—after hours for a night on the town.

I’m curious as to how well the heels hold up with rigorous changing from one size to another. How awful would that be to have your heel slip out while walking and find yourself with a twisted ankle? But if they work as intended and have a long shelf life with regards to durability? Stellar concept in my opinion.

What do you think?

Hot and Sultry

I’m not sure that sultry is considered a legitimate weather term but we are definitely there today.

Picture 1

Just put it in my queue

A couple of nights ago I signed up for a Netflix account. Tired of bringing home DVDs from the library only to find them full of scratches, I have been considering joining for a long time. But I wanted to wait until the weather got cold so I could gauge if it would really be worth our money. A friend of mine—who loves Netflix—sent me an email for a month free trial instead of the standard two weeks. It expired on October 31. So Halloween night after I put G-tot to bed I signed up.

We ended up watching Twilight Zone: The Movie as our first flick. A classic that I hadn’t seen in years. A film that I did not realize Nancy Cartwright played the sister in the story about the kid who controls everyone with his mind. Nancy Cartwright—the voice of Bart Simpson. Then we watched My Name is Bruce a spoof about Bruce Campbell. Staring Bruce Campbell. Total cheese. Last night we watched Day of the Dead—Steve Miner’s 2008 adaptation of of Romero’s classic. Holy hell those zombies moved fast in that one. Creepy. I expect our first DVDs soon—Flight of the Conchords: Season 1, a Veggie Tales movie for G-tot, and Drag me to Hell. Until then I’m digging the instant streaming option. So many choices.

And now I’m addicted to adding things to the queue. I can’t stop. It’s sick. The way they keep recommending movies is fantastic. Oh yeah, that one. And this one. Oh I haven’t seen that in years. Click. Click. Click. Add to queue. Add to queue. Add to queue.


I can’t even come up with a decent title


How many times has the insertion bar flashed waiting for me to type a letter? Any letter… But I have nothing. I want to write a post, really I do, but I can’t focus on what to write about. So I’m just going to write. Nothing and everything. Whatever comes to the page. Without censoring. Without worrying about who might be reading this and what opinions they might be forming. This post is probably going to suck.

I’m okay with that.

It’s two days before Halloween and we still don’t have pumpkins. I suppose I should do that today. G-tot is pretty excited about Halloween this year and oddly we haven’t really been that into it. And I love Halloween. I love carving pumpkins, roasting seeds, getting dressed up. This year it just sort of snuck up on me. The only decorations we have out is what G-tot brought home from daycare. What the hell flying-by-time? Could you ease up a little?

So the last minute flurry is on. I can’t wait to trick-or-treat with G-tot on Saturday. I invited a couple of our friends along and I’m hoping they join us. They don’t have any kids and live in an area that doesn’t get much foot traffic on Halloween. They adore G-tot so I think it would be fun for us. I’m also excited about the fact that next week is finals week and then I have a week and a half off of work.

Woo-hoo mini-break!


As you can see the excitement is contagious.

Can’t I just wave a wand and make it look pretty?

Holy crackpot! I have spent hours pouring over themes and editing code trying to find just the right look for a new site I’m working on.

It is driving me crazy!

I finally purchased another domain so I can put together a serious artist’s portfolio. I need to promote myself better and an online portfolio will definitely be a step in the right direction. I’d be an idiot not to. I’m an idiot for procrastinating this long. Problem is, I can’t find anything that is satisfying me visually! Suck…

Actually, that’s not true. I’ve seen a few that are close and with some carefully editing can be really cool. But, the process to get to the point of finding something I can work with has been daunting. Seriously. I thought I’d just find a cool WP theme that I could customize and voilá, instant bitchin’ portfolio. But no, I have to be all anal and can not just settle.


So, after spend hours sifting through shit, I’m at a point where I feel like I have found something decent. In the coming days I can actually start adding real content. Once I get everything tweaked and work up I’ll pass on the link. Until then I’ll be the one in the corner banging her head against the wall and babbling odd lines of code.

Hello, Mr. Northman

I saw this photo accompanying a post on MamaPop last week. It is made of yum. The post had something to do with the off screen relationship of Alexander Skarsgård and Evan Rachel Wood. Or something. I don’t really care what it was about because, hello, this is HOT.


You can thank me later. Just make sure you wash your hands first.

And for the record, I like him much better with the short hair.


Downward Dog for Charity

If you live in Northwest Ohio and want to get fit while helping cancer support programs, you want to check out Get Twisted with Yoga on St. Clair. A friend of mine came to me with info and a flyer about this great event and asked if I might share it with all of you. How could I say no? Yoga=Good. Cancer=Bad. Get Twisted with Yoga=Awesome. So check out the event info below. If you are in Toledo on Sunday go participate.

On September 13th, Get Twisted With Yoga on St. Clair is an event not to be missed.  This will be a first official attempt to break the current record for the most individuals doing yoga together in the Guinness Book of World Records.  The proceeds from this event will go to three local agencies dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families.

Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, The Victory Center, and Cherished Friends of Ahava are all dedicated to helping cancer patients in their own special and important ways.  Cancer Connection works to bring cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers information regarding local assistance programs including housing, spiritual and emotional support, affordable temporary housing, and mentorship.
The Victory Center provides holistic one on one therapy including Healing Touch, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Reflexology in addition to yoga and gentle exercise.  The Victory Center also provides group and individual counseling and lecture series dealing with topics of interest to cancer patients.
The Cherished Friends of Ahava aim to pamper people diagnosed with cancer by providing a complimentary spa day at the Ahava Spa and Wellness Center.

The Get Twisted with Yoga on St. Clair event is aimed at bringing people together to experience the joys of yoga as well as introduce them to these local cancer support programs.  In addition to the yoga class there will be vendors and representatives from local studios providing information about yoga and holistic services in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Picture 3

*Click twice on the flyer to enlarge it.

Big Day

Back to work after a month off.

14 hour day for me.

Surgery for JQ.

Wish us luck.

Died Young, Stayed Pretty

Have you seen this trailer? It’s a documentary about the contemporary rock poster movement. It looks awesome.

I remember seeing thumbnails of the posters for Died Young, Stayed Pretty quite awhile ago in one of the design magazines I regularly read. I was intrigued by the project then, but somehow managed to totally forget about the documentary. Until yesterday. It popped up in the news feed on my Facebook page, thanks to Michael. I’m so glad it did. I watched and immediately went to the DYSP site for more information.

There it was. For just $25 USD and a PayPal account I could buy a copy. Yay! I want it! Come to me documentary. Let me share you with my people. The world must know more about the ephemeral nature of the rock poster. Viva la screen printing!

Wait… They don’t ship to the United States. Crap.

Any of my friends from the north want to send me a copy? I’ll pay you back. Seriously, I need to see this film. You probably do too. You like music, right? How about art? Then go, find this movie. Watch it. Then send it to me.

This is why I get nothing done

The problem with scrolling through thousands of photos while gathering portfolio images is that you’re bound to come across things like this. Which immediately distract you and punch you right in the face with the harsh realization that there is not one spec of “baby” left in your little boy.







This is also a prime example of why I have so many images to sort through. These 5 pictures were shot between 3:46:55 and 3:47:08 pm on 7.26.07. That’s 5 frames in just 13 seconds. And this is just a few of what I shot that particular afternoon.