Costco and Kindness

A little over a week ago I went to Costco for the first time in my life. It wasn’t something that I had really ever considered doing and I didn’t go there to get myself a shiny new membership card. Instead, I was meeting a woman there name Janet.

Janet is what you might call “good people”. I  met Janet once 6 months ago and I could tell then that she was one of those people. That was the last time I saw her until our meeting at Costco. Janet had heard about our recent hardships with me losing my job and the trouble I’ve had getting any unemployment assistance as of yet. She also has a birthday this month and to celebrate decided to do 55 Random Acts of Kindness over the last couple of months leading up to her birthday. One of those acts included taking me to Costco for a shopping trip.

When I found out Janet wanted to take me shopping my first instinct was to decline. Josh and I are very independent people and accepting aid from others is not common or easy for us. But that felt like pride and since the universe had put this out there for me I decided I would be foolish not to accept it. On the morning of our trip I felt awkward and wondered if I had made the right choice. I reminded myself of the reasons this was happening—random acts of kindness, good people, karma.

So I went.

Kind is too small of a word to express what she did for my family that day.


We are incredibly grateful for the gift she gave to us. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. I cried a little on my drive home—car stuffed with food, toilet paper, and other things—overwhelmed by what this woman I hardly knew had just done. Josh choked up as we unloaded item after item from the boxes saying it was probably the most generous act he has experienced since a particularly difficult Christmas during his childhood that included presents for him and his siblings from the Salvation Army.

She asked for nothing in return except to pay it forward some day. Random acts of kindness in whatever form that looks like to us. That I can do. Maybe you could do one too. It doesn’t have to be grandiose—a simple smile can be enough to brighten someone’s day, trust me.

I hugged Janet before I drove away that morning and her parting words were “It will get better.” How can I not believe her?

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  • Since losing my job 18 months ago I can’t even tell you how many amazing people have done things similar to this for us. It’s not easy when you’re an independent person but wow, it definitely shows the amazing kindness still out there in the world. I am VERY much looking forward to the day I can pay it forward many times over. :-)


  • God Bless you and her. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been in a “situation” if you can call it that. Where I have been put to the test.. the test of being humble of having to ask for help something that if you know me isn’t me and no matter how hard it has been I have to remember my kids and husband and most of all this unborn child I am carrying. This really made me smile and thank you and yes I agree Janet things will get better.


  • What an amazing gesture! xoxo


  • This made me tear up! I’m so happy the universe brought you and Janet together. I’m sure she felt amazing being able to do this for you. You know, the majority of people really are good animals. (Too bad the bad animals are the ones who get all the press.)
    Thanks for sharing this awesome story. Love to you and your amazing family. <3


  • Amy

    Having been through what you and Josh are going through, I totally relate to how you’re feeling. Pride is a tough thing to overcome, but it is important to do when you have children. God blessed us greatly through many different people when Michael was laid off. Both feelings…the gratitude and the fear are feelings I will never forget.


  • This made me all kinds of choked up Holly. She really is a good egg + I’m super excited you let the universe bring that to your family. If anyone would pay it forward and carry on the spirit of exactly what she is trying to do, it would be you.


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