Dinosaur eggs

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the items I’m putting in a little favor bag for G-tot’s party on Sunday. I don’t want to reveal everything before the party—I want my guests that read this blog to be surprised. But just this one won’t hurt.

The super spectacular chocolate dinosaur eggs. I had this ingenious idea to take Cadbury mini eggs and turn them into dinosaur eggs. They are speckled and matte finished and exactly what I wanted. No other time of year could I have pulled this off so easily. Genius I tell you.

I found the perfect sized 3 x 4 cellophane bags at the hobby center. In each bag I put 5 eggs, folded over a little flap and secured it with a small piece of scotch tape. I made up some labels in Illustrator to go along with the theme and stapled one to each little package.

I think they turned out pretty awesome. Did I mention that I’m a genius for thinking of this idea?


Sorry about the picture quality. I blame Photo Booth.

7 comments to Dinosaur eggs

  • naynayfazz

    Can I at least get credit for saying you should have a dinosaur egg hunt? That could’ve totally given you the idea for this idea. :) hehe

    Anyway, I love the party favors. They are so fabulous! I am sure everyone will love them.


  • Cadbury Mini Eggs, yum! What a great idea and so creative. You are just so good with these kinds of things. Growing up G-Tot is going to have the most bad-ass birthday parties every kid in school is going to want to be invited. :)


  • Icanhasdiary

    Yum, I want some Dino Eggs! Even though I have had PLENTY so far this season, I haven’t had any that were Dino Eggs in special little bags and everything!
    I was trying to think of things you could do, but the best I can come up with is putting big paper dinosaur tracks throughout the house on the floor. Or up the front sidewalk… Jurassic Tot lives here!
    Maybe you can do a LaBrea Tar Pits chocolate fondue or something. But kids with hot dipping chocolate sounds like an idea that should wait a few more years, maybe.
    Do they make pterodactyl pinatas or anything? That would be cool!
    Again…I am bad with this age-appropriate stuff. But I think I just assume G-Tot is so smart he wouldn’t have a problem with things the rest of the kids his age might.
    I’m willing to record some Dino Sounds for you. I can do a very impressive dying triceratops, and a hungry allosaurus. My T-rex needs some work.


  • Amberella

    You are a MAD genious!!! No wonder G-tot is so damn smart!



  • Kym O'D

    Great idea! Wow, I will be contacting you for help planning the kids birthday party in June… I need ideas for a joint boy/girl party, since Kenslee is turning 3 and Colin will be 1.


  • you are pure genius! ;)


  • Naynay—I had this idea before I posted the invite, but sure, we can give you credit for the egg hunt idea.

    Vegas Princess—Crap. Does that mean each year I have to trump the previous party?

    Lisa—I would love to hear your dino impressions—especially the dying triceratops. Just imagining it puts a smile on my face.

    Amberella—Good thing he doesn’t get his spelling skills from his aunt. ;)

    Kym—Seriously, if you need a sounding board for the party just shoot me an email. I’d love to brainstorm with you.

    —Why, thank you. *blush*


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