Entrees, and Salads, and Sides, Oh My


That hot mess is just a portion of the many loose recipes I have floating around my kitchen. Entrees, desserts, cocktails, salads and more all mixed together in a pile that mocks me every single time I try to find a recipe. Not to mention the countless recipes in there that I have yet to make. The “oooh, that sounds good, I’ll print that out and make it later” recipes.

The madness must stop.

So…I’ve decided to try and organize that debacle into something a little more manageable. Ideally they end up in a neat 3-ring binder organized by sections. But let’s face it, I’ve been meaning to organize that folder full of recipes since I was pregnant with G-tot and he is four now. I wouldn’t hold your breath that it will be done anytime soon.

I have, however, started the process. Over the last week or so I have sorted every one of those recipes from that raggedy folder into manila folders organized by types of food.

2011-04-09OMG, this was time consuming.

They will probably be in that state for awhile.

Along with organizing them I’m going to try making some of the recipes that have never graced my stove top before. As I was sorting the recipes I was practically drooling over the possibilities my palette has missed out on.

The cocktails section will sadly have to wait until September.

5 comments to Entrees, and Salads, and Sides, Oh My

  • Josh Baltzell

    I’d really, really consider using Evernote religiously for a month and see if you like it. You can take a picture of a recipe in a book, save it to Evernote and it magically becomes searchable text.

    You can also clip entire web pages (or specific selections) in a couple of clicks.

    Also, it is available on any device later. iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac or browser.

    My next project is to start scanning all the paper I get in to Evernote.


    Holly {ArtistMotherTeacher} Reply:

    Evernote sounds interesting but there is something about being able to pull out a paper recipe and put it on the counter that appeals to me. Probably the fact that if I spill crap all over it the damage is minimal.


  • I have a drawer that looks like that folder. With all of this technology, you’d think I could get it together, but noooooo. :)

    I am intrigued by this use of Evernote though…..


    Holly {ArtistMotherTeacher} Reply:

    I once had big plans of typing them all up and making a recipe book. Not gonna happen.


  • Brooke Kelly

    Use bigoven.com

    It’s $19 and you get free upgrates for life (or $10 without the upgrades). You can have recipe boxes, search by ingredient, and you can print out all the recipes. You can import recipes from websites by copying and pasting, and type recipes in by hand. I’ve had it for years and I now have over 2,000 recipes in there. I love it!! And they have GREAT customer service.


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