environmentally friendly

Today I watered the flower beds with water from the kiddie pool. I must have filled 20 watering cans up. Back and forth. Good for the arms. Good for Mother Nature. Good for my water bill.

Did you do anything today to help reduce your carbon footprint?

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  • Blogarita

    I consolidated errands into one trip, and at a rather large shopping center, I parked in one place and walked to the different stores I needed to visit. It’s not much, but you’d be amazed how many people with move their car rather than walk a few extra yards. :(


  • Shades

    I’ve been emptying out the dogs’ water (inside and out) into my flowerbeds since it got hot enough to start changing out the water daily. It helps.

    My community just put up their “voluntary water rationing, please participate” sign.


  • Christina

    I’ve been driving 55, which I hate, but it’s supposed to conserve fuel. Since I drive a less-than-eco-friendly car, I figure this helps at least a little.

    You and G-tot are so cute.


  • Kelwhy

    hubby and i rode to work together! that’s a big move for me, cuz i really hate waiting on him when i get done an hour ahead of him. i gotta start somewhere…


  • Vegas Princess

    I used recycled bags at the store so I did not get any plastic bags that don’t disintegrate.


  • Environmentally friendly soap

    It was laundry day today, so I always use SOAPNUTS. Natural, chemcial-free product from Nepal. Totally natural, but really does the trick, especially for cloth diapers! Glad to know that I am not using phosphates in the laundry.


  • ? pixie ?

    blogarita—I did that the other day too! People don’t surprise me anymore, I know just how lazy they can be. Come on people…take a walk!

    shades—A voluntary water rationing? Interesting.

    christina—Thanks. It was the best shot that didn’t show a ton of cleavage.

    kelwhy—Good for you.

    vp—We keep looking at those bags but I swear we would need to buy 20 of them. We make sure to take the plastic bags where they can be recycled.

    efs—I’ve never used soap nuts. I would love a free sample! You can email me at pixiestemple@gmail.com if you want to send me one.


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