Go Ahead, Give Them a Squeeze

The juicer.

I think I’m in love.

Maybe it’s just lust.

No, really.

Picture 7

We got the juicer a month ago as a gift from my dad and stepmom. Not something that we would ever ask for or buy for ourselves, but OH MY HELL is it awesome. It really does make the best juice I have ever had.

I think it is trying to seduce me.


It may be in cahoots with that bottle of wine.

Either way it’s working. Now I’m craving juice.

Did I mention how freakin’ delicious this juice is? It makes the pain in the ass job of cleaning the juicer totally worth it.

Plus it’s really pretty.




That gorgeous concoction is our favorite blend right now. We like drinking it out of those jelly jars with lots of ice. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be a little rum. Or maybe tequila.

And the nutritious value has to be off the charts. Check out what we put in it.

IMG_87425 carrots
1 apple (we have used Fuji, Gala, & Granny Smith)
1/4 to 1/2 pineapple
3 oranges
1/2 lime

No wonder my body craves it. Especially after subsisting on coffee and blocks of cheese for so long.

I bet my colon is in heaven.

14 comments to Go Ahead, Give Them a Squeeze

  • Looks so good! Tempted to get a juicer…my only problem is I count calories, so it’s better for me to actually eat a whole apple and feel full than drink it. But I bet if just juice mostly vegetables (like the carrots) it’ll be OK.

    Let us know about your future experiments. I’ve heard if you use a 70-30 fruits to greens ratio, it cuts down on the veggie bitterness. Also heard to use chard, kale, celery and spinach along with the carrots but don’t ever use brocolli because it’s too bitter!


    *pixie* Reply:

    I’ll have to remember that ratio. The only veggie we have done so far is carrot but I’d like to try others. I’m eager to try beets.


  • Lisa

    The concept of Colon Heaven is very… interesting. :-)

    So glad you’re having delicious fun! Sounds great. Me, I am scared of even trying carrot juice, I have no idea why. I love carrots. You’d think I’d be all over their juices!

    “Be all over their juices” is also another questionable phrase. I think I am having too much weird fun with this whole post. You know how I get.


    *pixie* Reply:

    This is a travel tagline waiting to happen. “Be all over their juices in Colon Heaven!”

    I bet you would love the blend we make. You can’t necessarily taste carrot in it. I’ve tasted some drops of just carrot and it is sweet. Mmm…sweet runny juices.


  • THIS. LOOKS. DIVINE. (and no, i’m not referring to the bottle of wine… i know that’s what you were thinking.)

    xoxo. :)


    *pixie* Reply:

    Divine indeed. :)


  • That sounds really really good.

    And we totally make fun of my cousin & his wife for getting the Jack LeLanne from an infomercial. They claim it is so good, they don’t even care that we give them shit about it.


    *pixie* Reply:

    My stepmom admitted to being a wee bit addicted to infomercials. Since her addiction benefited us this time I’m not going to give her shit about it. At least not too much. :)


  • I would never think to blend veggies with fruits like that! I looks like my favorite cool summer drink I make with orange sherbert, orange soda and ice. But a whole lot healthier. :)

    How did you figure out what to put in to make it taste so good? Did you get a book of juice suggestions with the juicer?


    *pixie* Reply:

    The juicer came with a recipe guide full of various combos. I just looked through to see what fruits/veggie combos were in there and then made up my own. This was inspired by one that had pineapple, orange, papaya, carrots and lime in it along with another that was carrots and apples.

    So good.


  • naynayfazz

    I am little late on this but that juice DOES look delightful. My mother has the same juicer so I may ask her if I could make it and try it. You know how some things you have to try once you see them? Those potatoes you made one time and took pictures, I had to try. The ones where you boil them, then smash them? I am sure you remember them. Anyway, I had to try them once I saw it here and I still make them to this day. I must try the juice now. And perhaps I will try humping the juicer as well. ;)


    *pixie* Reply:

    Ohhh, those potatoes were so yummy! When I first saw them on Pioneer Woman’s blog I knew I had to make them. So I totally get what you are laying down. :)

    If the juicer wasn’t so cumbersome I’d take it to NYC and make juice for everyone. ;)


  • it does look really good, but the pain in the ass part. I don’t know…


  • I’ve been juicing too! And you are so right, I crave it, first thing in the morning. I picked up my never-used JuiceMan at our local Goodwill for $8 — but it *is* a total pain to clean. I’ve also read that the more expensive juicers (like, $400 expensive) get a lot more juice from the same amount of veggies/fruit.

    I have fantasies about Vitamixers and Omegas…


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