growing up—14 months

Dear Gideon,

You turned 14 months old a couple of weeks ago, which apparently is the point where your brain explodes and is replaced with a giant super-absorbant sponge. Just sucking up the world around it. I know I say this every month—but it is so true that it bears repeating—you are amazing.

13 months—April 26, 2008

14 months—May 24, 2008

Gone is my helpless little baby. You are a full-on active toddler with an insatiable curiosity. And the cool thing? You dig it all and you get it. You understand so many words we say and act upon them accordingly. When I tell you something is garbage you promptly pick it up and carry it over to the cabinet under the sink where the trash is. When I get out the vacuum cleaner you make a “vroommm” noise to let me know that you know what’s next. If you poop and I say, “Come on, let’s go to your room and change your diaper.”, you march right in there. I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t want to sit in a pile of my own waste either.

crazy face

You’re so affectionate and will come over to us and give kisses & squeezies (hugs). My favorite ones are the ones that aren’t requested. You’ll be playing, then suddenly decide you need to spread the love and come over for a hug or kiss. You like to share and are very giving with your toys and snacks (even the soggy ones).

Your love of books continues to increase and there are usually no fewer than 5 books strewn around the living room at some point each day. We keep your library books out there (in an effort to keep them separate from the ones on the shelf in your room) and you are always grabbing one to flip through or give to us to read. You also love going to the library. The branch by our house has a big goldfish at the counter who is the “branch greeter”. Stopping to say hello is the first thing we do. Saying goodbye is the last. Every time. He seems to like us.

You’ve added another tooth and now have 4 on top and 4 on the bottom. None in the back yet, but that doesn’t stop you from chowing down on just about everything. You have mastered the fine art of stabbing things with a fork—including Cheerios—and prefer a normal metal fork to one of those crappy plastic toddler forks. That’s fine with me, just don’t poke your eye out.

Just waking up from a nap.
Your hair was cracking me up so I had to take pictures.
You were not amused.

Another trick you’ve picked up it shutting doors. Once you’ve got the door shut—you don’t know how to get back out yet—you’ll knock on it. I like to pretend I don’t know who it is. “Hello?” “Who is it?” “Dave’s not here.”

checking out an earthworm

You’ve probably noticed that you’re missing a 13th month post. Time got away from me and I ended up just not doing one. At one point late in that 13th month I thought about just sticking up a few pictures and maybe a video—but I felt like that was a bit of a cop out so I opted to do nothing. But hey, at least I got this one done in time. Right?


7 comments to growing up—14 months

  • Miss Britt

    OMG I love me a red headed baby.


  • Cruel Shoes

    He sounds like so much fun to be around. I’m crazy about the fact that he loves books so much. I saw a little girl in the grocery store the other day, carrying a book like it was a teddy bear. It was all ragged looking and although I couldn’t make out the title, I could tell she probably took it everywhere. It was sickeningly cute.


  • Tim

    It’s me Dave. Open the door.


  • Shades

    Aww! What a great post!

    (this is the NOT feel-good part of the comment. That bit about the fork… reminded me… have you SEEN that thing about the kid and the fork and the running in the house that’s going around the internet? *shudder*)


  • ? pixie ?

    miss brit—Me too. Especially since neither me or JQ are red heads.

    cruel shoes—He’s a blast. I keep books hidden in my purse, in the car, etc. so he always has a little treat when we’re running errands.


    shades—No I haven’t. Yikes.


  • Shades

    If you want, go to Snopes and search “fork”. It should be the first one of the results. It even made ME hurt when I looked at it the second time.


  • Vegas Princess

    I am so behind, I think you may be composing for month 15!

    Once again your pics are amazing and I especially love the one of him grabbing books and his crazy hair. He is growing into such a big boy.

    And Shades, I will have nightmares now thanks to that video that I just had to check out. :)


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