Growing up—31 and 32 months

Dear Gideon,

Thirty-two months. That’s almost as old in months as I am in years. And just like every month prior, I think the little boy you are RIGHT NOW is the best yet. How do you manage, so effortlessly, to keep getting more awesome every day?

31mnth10270931 months—October 27, 2009

Talking with you continues to be one of my favorite things to do. Which is good because you are a pretty chatty fellow. Not only do you talk a lot, you also have a lot of interesting things to say.

One afternoon you climbed up on a chair in the kitchen to watch me make your lunch—you love to be close to the action when we are cooking. When I was finished you looked at me and exclaimed, “Scrumptious!” It was ridiculously cute—not to mention flattering—and when  asked you where you learned that word you said, “TV”.

Thank you PBS for teaching my son to appreciate the finer qualities of a PB & J with yogurt and mandarin oranges.

Speaking of PBS, a couple of weeks ago I was in the office and you yelled to me, “Mom, come here.” You wanted to tell me that Snook from It’s a Big Big World had seen a rainbow. Testing to see if you could tell me what that meant I asked, “What’s a rainbow?” Your response? “Water and sun.” Umm…wow. I was totally impressed. I half expected you to follow up with Newton’s experiment and start grabbing prisms to refract light through.

IMG_822032 months—December 1, 2009

Just like your mom, you are becoming quite the technology junkie. You LOVE playing games on the iPod and I kid you not, as I was writing that sentence you came up to me and started chanting “iPod. iPod. iPod.” Which means you either picked up on my thought or we may need to stage an intervention.


Lately you have been really getting into music. You love to sing and amaze me with how many songs you actually know the words to. You also love to dance. We were recently cranking out the tunes on the stereo one day while making dinner and you were running around the living room like a madman yelling, “Rock ‘n’ roll! Rock ‘n’ roll!” The song playing at the time was I’d Like to Know by Supergrass. Which is a pretty rockin’ tune if you ask me.

Rock on little buddy. Rock on.


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