Hello Dolly

There are a couple of trucks around Toledo, Ohio that are covered with stuff. Lots of toys, dolls, and other bits of seemingly random ephemera that makes you stop and wonder just exactly what it’s all about. I spoke with a gentleman a few months ago that owns one of these trucks—along with a massive collection of Tonka trucks—and I think for him it is somewhat of a tribute to childhood. The kind of stuff that when you stop for a closer look you think, “Hey, I had one of those once.”


We see something new every time we check them out.

That yellow guy is a Snailien. Probably not remembered by many.

That yellow guy is a Snailien. I wonder how many people remember them from the early '90s?

Woody. Lisa. Dori.

Woody. Lisa. Flounder.

It works.

But at the same time there is something rather eerie about the missing limbs, dust covered, worn down dolls that are adhered to the sides of these vehicles.


Squeezebox. Yellow. Rocks.


Blue Eyes & Pupil Free


Choked Up

See what I mean?

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