I bet the underwire burns really hot

I completely understand the desire to burn bras.

I may do just that later today.

This season i have fallen in love with the halter top/halter dress. I think there is something very sexy about bare shoulders. That little curve from the neck that begs to be kissed. Or if you have a soft spot for vampires—Hello, Mr. Northman—bitten. And beautiful defined clavicles—something I’ve always wanted. That is just sexy.

So yeah, halter tops and dresses are pretty much rockin’ my wardrobe this summer.

But here’s the thing about baring your shoulders for the general public—you can’t wear a regular bra. And if you are me, you can’t just go without.

Oh how I wish that wasn’t the case.

Which pretty much boils down to a strapless. Or the ones you paste on which sound fantastic but how long does that adhesive really last? Then what? Throw it away? Like a maxi-pad for your boobs. Only way more expensive.

So strapless. And like any girl that has been a bridesmaid or been to a high school formal, I had one in my dresser.

I think it may have been from the prom. Seventeen years ago. That’s kind of sad. It also says a lot about how often I actually wore one. In my 20s I just went without. Things were…perkier…then.

Whenever it was from it was definitely pre-G-tot.

And that was a whole different body. A body with boobs that were an entire letter and number smaller in terms of bra measurements.

But the halters are so cute! And the summer has been so hot! Plus the bare shoulders…

So I stuffed my boobs into that too small bra.

It worked but at the end of the day taking off that bra felt AMAZING.

This has happened at least twice a week for the past two months. Until my lazy ass finally went to buy new ones on Saturday.

My boobs are much happier now. And they look even better in those halters now that they aren’t mashed flat.

Now where are my matches?

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