I have no idea what the pineapple is supposed to represent

Last night JQ played a gig at the Village Idiot and while enjoying the music, the company, and a libation or two my buddy Phil leans over to me and says, “I invented a new drink.”

When I looked down at his glass I saw what looked like the drink that I already most associate with him—a screwdriver neat. The “neat” part is the key component of the drink that screams Phil. Neat = No Ice. Which, while not watered down, always makes me think not cold.  And I don’t know too many people that take their cocktails neat.

So, while this drink in front of my buddy looked EXACTLY like the drink he has been drinking for YEARS, his claim of inventing a new drink piqued my interest.

“It’s called a Phillips Screwdriver.”

Clever? Perhaps. Lame? Totally. Should have I expected anything less from my friend? Never.

Just what is a Phillips Screwdriver?

It’s a screwdriver NEAT with a splash of pineapple.

Sounds pretty good to me. And simple enough. But the best part were the next words that came out of Phil’s mouth.

You see, my friend doesn’t really do the whole social media thing. Sure, he’s on Facebook but only after being pressured into it. Plus, I think the ONLY thing he does on there is play a game or two. He never even updates his status. He doesn’t do twitter. And blogging? Forget it. He does not “get” the whole blogging thing and is completely fine with that.

So when he looked at me half jokingly and said, “I expect to see this on the blog.” I couldn’t help but smile.

I also couldn’t deny him that honor.

Go have a Phillips Screwdriver. And tip your glass to my friend Phil while your at it.

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