I wonder if I can hang bacon curtains in my temple?

I take terrible care of myself these days. I have been for a really long time. I can’t really pinpoint exactly when it happened, but I have been pretty apathetic about my body for far too long.

Especially about the way I eat.

My breakfast usually consists of coffee with soy milk. THAT’S IT. If it is a morning I have to work I may grab a Blueberry Eggo on my way out the door. Plain. Toasted. Wrapped in a paper towel to eat as I’m driving. But more often than not, I’m only consuming coffee for the first few hours after I’m up. Far from nutritious for what is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. For past few weeks JQ has been on a smoothie making kick. Fruit, yogurt, honey, wheat germ, and milk. Totally delicious. On the mornings when he whips up a batch, I drink one along with my coffee. Which is great, but not really enough.

So, I need to work on that.

Lunches are sporadic and seldom constructed for me. There really is no reason that to happen either. Except I’m lazy. On the days I work I should be taking something with me. Something that I packed the night before because I am so not a morning person and always crunched for time. The days I’m home I should be eating with G-tot. That child eats nutritious meals ALL THE TIME. Well…almost all the time. Why am I not doing the same?

Again, laziness. Man, I suck…

Dinners are better. At least on the days I’m home. Right now my work schedule offers only two 5 minute breaks between 4:30 and 10:15 so the idea of a real “dinner” on those days is non-existent. When I’m home we usually have a decent meal. Especially if I’ve planned something. Oh my god, planning is so freakin’ helpful. Nothing like pulling a chunk of frozen flesh from the freezer at 5 o’clock in hopes of eating within the hour. Which ends up not being what you eat at all. But on the other days—the days where I carve out time and have a real meal in mind—those are the days we eat good. Real, nutritious, delicious food.

I want to eat like that all the time.

Enough not eating breakfast.
Enough with the late night snack fest.
Enough with the pop that doesn’t taste that great anyway.

It’s time to start treating my body like the temple that it should be. Not at all like the one stuffed full of french fries and brownies that I currently occupy.

4 comments to I wonder if I can hang bacon curtains in my temple?

  • I swear you write this post for me because this is exactly how I feel. I am disgusted with myself and falling back into my old bad habits when I was doing so well before. I blame my stress and precarious situation in life but that is no excuse. Plus I felt so much better when I ate well and exercised. I have to get back on the horse.

    Someone is going to be dusting off the ole bike tomorrow.


    *pixie* Reply:

    Old habits are running rampant in my house right now. Everything GOOD I was doing—albeit in spurts—has completely fallen by the wayside. Even exercising has taken a backseat to laziness. I think it goes deeper than that but I quit figured out what is driving this indifference. All I really know is that it needs to change.


  • Snow Vandemore

    Some say these are signs of being depressed. I’m just sayin’ (cuz I know.)


  • I’m right there with you on this. It’s so hard to get out of this pattern of bad eating! Grrr!


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