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A big part of gardening for me is experimenting. Finding the perfect type of tomato. Growing brocolli for the first time. Building your own support system for cucumbers and peas. Starting carrots from seed. It is all part of the experience and it is one of my favorite parts. When I lived in various apartments I grew things in pots but it wasn’t until we bought our house that I had a real garden. A garden that takes up a decent portion of the yard and gets bigger every year. This is the fourth summer for us at the house, our garden this year is at its largest size yet and it is packed. Which is you know, AWESOME!

However, I have been a super lazy gardener this year and it is only packed because of the all the work I put in the past two days. Up until then? I would plant a little something here. Start a few seeds there. Prep the soil a wee bit. Get distracted twenty-five times by G-tot. Then get tired and go inside. It has taken me forever to get this operation up and running, but I finally have and I know I owe a great deal of that to this little item we picked up called a sandbox.

Behold its glory.img_6590

This sandbox has made working in the yard so much easier. G-tot absolutely loves it and it allows me to get so much done while still being able to keep an eye on him. The sandbox is about 5 feet in diameter so I can get in and play along! Plus, we got the frame for free. We just had to buy the sand which JQ picked up on sale. Total cost? About $25. Sweet.

But this isn’t a post about the sandbox, it’s about the garden. Which is now in. Almost. I still have a few packets of seeds to plant but I ran out of room in the actual garden. I also have a few packets of herbs to plant in pots that I didn’t get finished today. Because I’m a lazy gardener. Also because the transplanting of some cilantro proved to be impossible for whatever ridiculous reason. I mean seriously, I am having  a hell of a time with cilantro this year. I’ve tried twice to transplant seedlings into larger pots. Both times the soil just crumbled away leaving me with a handful of spindly roots with no dirt around them. So tomorrow I’ll just plant it in the big pot outside. Screw this indoor seed starting crap.

Anyway…want to see some pictures of the lazy garden?


April 25, 2009

With the expansion in size we had to reset all the fencing. At this point we don’t have the door on and the only things that are planted include some rosemary that wintered over, my first batch of green onions, and snap peas (in one of the large pots that would later be transplanted). The fence posts are set 8 ft. apart so we are looking at a space around 12′ x 14′.

img_6811_2May 30, 2009

I took this shot after dinner tonight. Right before I snapped the shutter I shoved that pile of weeds and maple helicopters from inside to garden to right outside the garden door. Instead of picking it up. Lazy gardening strikes again. Let me tell you what we have happening here.

Left to right, starting with the pots in the upper left.
Garlic Chives
Sugar Snap Peas
Carnival Mix Peppers (purple, gold, red, orange bell peppers)
Green Onions (in the long pot in the middle)
Grape Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Stringless Green Beans
Romaine Lettuce (in large pot in upper right corner)
Carrots (in large pot in lower right corner)

Still to come—once I find a spot:
Pumpkins (orange and white varieties)
Ambrosia Cantaloupe
Broom Corn
Hot Peter Peppers


In addition to all the vegetables, I planted a bunch of flower seeds in the beds around the yard.

Morning Glories
Wildflowers from the Netherlands (given to us by friends that visited there last year)

I can’t wait to see everything in full force this summer!

9 comments to Lazy Gardener

  • Cindy

    Sandbox and garden look great. Wish I was there to share the bounty.


  • Wow! As someone who has a very black thumb I am suitable impressed. Of course I am impressed whenever someone can keep an indoor plant alive for more than a month. Because I can’t. I wish I lived nearer to you to reap the benefits of the overflow of goodness you shall produce! :)


  • Looks awesome! I’m trying broccoli too. I have to post some pictures of my whole garden. It is a hodge podge of goofy experements right now.


  • Looks great! Lazy? I think not. It looks pretty ambitious to me! I hope it all comes out super. PS: Love the sandbox, too. Oh, and I had forgotten about maple helicopters. Do you do the thing where you open them up and stick them on the bridge of your nose? (I hope we are talking about the same thing otherwise I’ll feel kind of embarrassed!)


  • When I was a kid we used to do broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, the strawberries never worked properly (but I have a great article about growing them in hanging baskets), green beans, bell peppers, cucumbers, dill, leaf lettuce… I forget what my mom is currently growing, but my dad nixed the garden idea for some years after the water bill and tilling up two sections of the yard took it’s toll on him. And digging up potatoes wasn’t much fun, either, after the novelty wore off.


  • I was going to grow strawberries this year, but it just never happened. Maybe next year. (This is the 5th year I’ve said that..)

    I didn’t see radishes on that list. If I had a garden I would have to have radishes.


  • I use to container garden, but once the ex and I had a yard, we always talked about getting something together but never did it. I don’t know why I never got out there on my own. Depression and laziness, probably.


  • A SANDBOX! Genius! I have the worst time getting work done in the yard, and this would totally distract them enough so i could get stuff done. Plus, I love the sandbox you have, so cute!


  • Cindy Mom—It will just have to come in a cooler when we visit.

    Vegas Princess—If all goes well we won’t need any veggies from the store all summer!

    Josh—Broccoli is so fun to grow! We grew it last year for the first time and had excellent results. Just remember to cut the florets before they flower. Our plants reproduced several times about every 2 weeks after our initial harvest.

    —I have never done the maple thing! Now I totally have to. I love pulling them apart but never thought of using the casing as an accessory. I’m sure it will be a huge hit. :)

    —I thought about growing potatoes after reading about a really cool method over at
    I ended up not doing it because I don’t have enough room for what I have here already. Must stop buying plants!

    —We aren’t big enough radish fans to warrant growing them. JQ’s parents usually do so we get what we need from them.

    Lynda—It takes a lot of effort, but it’s worth it when you taste all your hard work.

    —Seriously, best yard toy ever. G-tot would stay in it for hours if he could.


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