Life With Two

Life with two.
Life with two is…busy.

Our days are non-stop. G-tot stopped napping a long time ago so those precious moments of rest when Huggy Baby is sleeping are non-existent. I’m still nursing Huggy. Add to that the fact that he is  eating solids three times a day and meals take a LONG time to execute. That doesn’t include meals for the rest of us. Or laundry. Or dishes. Or work. The list goes on.

By the time I get the boys to bed and ready to decompress I am so freakin’ tired.

Life with two is exhausting.

I still find it a little intimidating to leave the house with just the kids and no Josh by my side. I’m not sure I can handle being outnumbered anywhere but my home turf at this point. I’m sure it is all in my head and I would be just fine but the idea of wrangling two around the grocery store with no partner makes me shudder.

Some days I wish I could slow down time. G-tot turned five this past Saturday and the baby will be 7 months in just over a week. It just doesn’t seem possible.

Life with two is amazing.

This is my life.
I love it so very much.

Me and the boys

6 comments to Life With Two

  • OpinionsToGo

    I was just about to turn off the computer when I saw your tweet and wanted to read your post. And, what a sweet post it is. “Life With Two”…perfect title…perfect


    Holly {Artist Mother Teacher} Reply:

    Thank you. :) It isn’t always easy but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


  • Very cute, mamas…….Very cute..I enjoyed reading it.
    I hope you don’t find it weird, but I like your style of writing so reading your blogs once in a great while, just kinda makes my day :) See you in class tomorrow!


    Holly {Artist Mother Teacher} Reply:

    Thanks, Amanda.

    Not weird at all. If I didn’t want people to read what I write I wouldn’t publish (and promote) it on the internet. ;)


    Amanda June Reply:

    Well, thanks. I didn’t want you think I was some-sort of weirdo. lol
    BTW..We don’t have anything DUE today in your class do we other than that thing we did in the library right??


    Holly {Artist Mother Teacher} Reply:

    Well… that’s still debatable. ;)

    Today you have due: Brainworks, LIRN, and your article summary.


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