look-alike meter (let’s all play along)

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Make sure you go see Leezer’s hilarious comparisons. My favorite? Frankenstein.

4 comments to look-alike meter (let’s all play along)

  • Christina

    The sheer volume of research and science that obviously goes into this is just mind boggling.

    Although, I have to say, every time I see a picture of G-man, I think he looks like an even 50/50 split of you and JQ!!


  • Vegas Princess

    I have to agree. It is right down the middle, equal parts you and JQ. Which makes for one incredibly great looking kid!


  • JQ

    Wow…couldn’t you have found a better picture of me?

    I think he looks like a perfect blend of us; he has your good looks and my…and my, uh….


  • ? pixie ?

    christina—Very scientific.

    vp—Thanks. I think he’s a cutie.

    jq—I knew you would say that. I actually like that picture of you.


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