Mr. Mandarin

Still sick.

Doped up on medication and ready to just sleep. Here’s a photo to occupy your time until I’m coherent enough to write a real post. Crap, that sentence alone was difficult for me to type. So yeah, a photo.

I don’t what I like more, the drop of juice falling from the oranges or the crazy face G-tot is making. They are both scrumptious.


4 comments to Mr. Mandarin

  • That’s a great photo!

    And you are still feeling yucky, I can tell just from your tone of your post. And from the missing words. :) I hope you feel better soon!!


    *pixie* Reply:

    I’m finally feeling better.


  • naynayfazz

    Feel Better! Those mandarin oranges look yummy. Not sure why but when I read your blogs and they have to with food, then I want the food you mention!


    *pixie* Reply:

    Probably because every time I talk about food I take a picture. :)


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