Presents For My Boobs

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I feel like I owe my boobs an apology.

They have been work horses for years and I’ve provided them with very little support.


When I was nursing my first son I knew nothing about good quality nursing bras. All I really knew was that my boobs were bigger and I needed something that would allow easy access for my sweet nursing baby. Regular bras were not going to cut it for very long. It is really awkward to try to get your breast out of a regular bra in an attempt to nurse your child. And not wearing a bra at all is definitely not an option for me. So weeks after G-tot was born—with breastfeeding firmly happening and working out well for the two of us—I went to buy nursing bras.

I was completely clueless. I had no idea what size I really needed. My budget was limited. I was a tired and probably a bit overwhelmed by the fact that I was a first time mom. Somehow I ended up with were two nursing bras that came in an ultra-generic size “large”.

They were the worst bras ever.

But I wore them for 17 long months.

My poor boobs.

When I had Huggy Baby I was determined to get better bras and burn the unsupportive rags I had with G-tot. Months went by and I still had nothing. At home I would wear my maternity tank tops just to avoid having to wear one of those bras already in my possession.

Then the marvelous folks at Leading Lady swooped in and saved my poor unsupported hard-working boobs with their fantastic bras. With their Find Your Fit assistant I was able to get a few nursing bras in my size with underwires, good shoulder straps and glorious support!

Not only are they supportive and in MY size—I mean seriously, what was I thinking buying a bra in a large?—they are pretty. The Black Lace-cup is totally sexy which is a huge bonus in a nursing bra. The square neck nursing bra cami would be perfect for summer. And I absolutely love the little printed pattern on the Baby Sees It bra.

I feel like these bras were kind of an “I’m Sorry/Thank You” gift to my boobs from me. They have been nothing but amazing when it comes to me having the opportunity to breastfeed my children. My boobs deserved better nursing bras .

And they finally have them.

Now I just need to grab some lighter fluid and burn those old bras.

*Disclosure: Leading Lady provided me with nursing bra samples. All opinions are mine.

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  • Joanne

    HI! I don’t know you, you don’t know me. But I was just sat here with some things on my mind and typed “want another baby but really scared” into Google, and a post of yours from 2009 came up, talking about how you want another baby but you’re scared of being pregnant again.

    I totally related to everything you said; I really want my daughter to have a sibling and I personally would like to make my family a ‘square’ (I have slightly OCD tendencies and even numbers make me happy!). But I hated being pregnant, I had a traumatic labour…I want the end product but none of the hard work in between.

    Anyway I thought ‘I wonder what happened afterwards as we are now 2 and a half years on’, and there you are with a gorgeous 7 month old. It kinda made me feel like I’m not alone with my fears and you all look so happy! You obviously pushed your fears aside and just got on with it – I know it sounds dramatic but you’ve really inspired me.

    I hope you don’t mind me stumbling upon your blog and having a nose around :) Thank you!


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