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Last night JQ and I were watching this special about Pete Seeger on PBS. At the end of the show, Seeger said something to the affect that people should sing more. I pondered this statement for a moment and smiled. I turned to JQ and said happily, “I sing everyday.” Whether it’s singing along to one of the theme songs of the morning public television cartoons, belting out a song playing on the radio or off our iTunes, or just making up little ditties to sing to G-man, I’m singing every day.

That makes me happy. How about you? Do you sing it loud, proud, and often?

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  • Vegas Princess

    YES! It is my favorote thing to do. :) Although some people around me might not appreciate it.


  • Blogarita

    I’ve talked about this w/ SG before. I am embarrassed to sing in front of anyone except maybe Sparky. I think, though, there was a time in the past when everyone sang more often because it was fun and no one cared if you weren’t good at it. Even the recording artists of a few decades ago weren’t always that great, and they definitely weren’t “mixed to perfection”. Perfect sure is hard to live up to.


  • JQ

    You know I do baby. I’m not even good at it and I song all the time.


  • Anonymous

    you know that i rock out all the time kid so crank it up dad


  • Think Frustrated

    Yes. I’m always off-key. I don’t care. I L-O-V-E to sing. I like to sing commercials, songs, theme songs, etc…


  • Fantastagirl

    I sing along with the kids and the radio all the time. But not around anyone else!


  • RR

    Why, yes I do! Pretty much everywhere. I’ve gotten dirty looks in the produce section of Kroger. Some people just don’t appreciate Sondheim.


  • Naynayfazz

    I am an actual singer so I sing very often. I sing in the car, in the shower, to Aidan, to the cats, with my dad’s band, etc.


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