Sunday Dinners #1 (02.01.09)

I had this great idea yesterday. I would take pictures of our family dinner on Sunday and post them along with one thing that I’m grateful for from the previous week.

My thinking was that Sunday dinner for us is that sort-of end of the week/new beginning/family time. I love making a sit-down dinner for us to cap off the week. Most of the time, Sunday is that one day that the three of us don’t HAVE to be somewhere. It’s family time. It’s time to rejuvenate and prep for the upcoming rush of the week. It time to reflect and enjoy one another. It’s a good time.

But I forgot to write the post yesterday.

I took the pictures but after dinner was dishes, bath, story time, bed time, The Office, and then I was exhausted. And…I forgot all about my great idea.

So, do me a favor. Pretend this post was up last night, won’t you?

This week I’m thankful that I was brave enough to take the initiative and introduce myself to two strangers at a AIGA member meeting.

8 comments to Sunday Dinners #1 (02.01.09)

  • Vegas Princess

    You are so funny, and that looks delicious!


  • Kym

    Your dinner looks amazing. What time shall we be there next Sunday?


  • Nobody™

    I like this idea! So whatcha cookin there? Pork chops?


  • Fantastagirl

    So what time do you eat? I’d be happy to bring a chocolate cake, or pie.


  • ? pixie ?

    Vegas Princess—Thanks!

    Kym—If you’re ever in NW Ohio…

    Nobody—Thanks. We sit down and eat several days a week, but to me Sunday is the big one. And yep, those are pork chops.

    Fantastagirl—For chocolate cake, you can come over any time. :)


  • Naynayfazz

    That looks yummy. Forget the pork- I am loving the sweet potato fries! Great idea for a new blog entry.

    I am actually making pulled pork tacos tomorrow. Ugh, now I am hungry!


  • RR

    But what did you have? My Birdrool Original came yesterday! AWESOME! I loved the wrapping, the card, and the business card. I felt very wealthy there for a second. Then, the timer for my mac ‘n cheese went off.


  • ? pixie ?

    Naynay—Pulled pork tacos sound delicious! We love sweet potato fries—yummy!

    RR—Did you just call my shop Birdrool? Lovely.


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