Sunday Pinup

It seems that the entire internet has gone Pinterest crazy and I for one cannot blame them. The visual bookmarking beauty of Pinterest speaks near and dear to my creative side. I have a tendency to pin a lot of recipes, stuff to do with the kids, and art and design inspiration.

Even better than pinning is actually making the things I’m pinning.

So, I thought I would share a few of my pins this week that I’m eager to try or found just plain cool.

TARDIS!! I’m currently mourning the imminent passing of Doctor 10—one episode to go—and I’m sure this adorable bag would help ease the pain a bit.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

I will probably never do exactly this craft since we are not Altoid eaters in this house but I’m sure I could find another cute house for these sweet little mice.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Frozen Strawberry Mojitos? I’m willing to give them a try despite the fact that this drink screams summer and we have snow in Northwest Ohio this week.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

We have everything needed to make these this week already in the house. This pleases me.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Yum. Nothing more needs said.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

What did you pin this week? I’d love it if you would share your favorite Pins in the comments!

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