This is why I get nothing done

The problem with scrolling through thousands of photos while gathering portfolio images is that you’re bound to come across things like this. Which immediately distract you and punch you right in the face with the harsh realization that there is not one spec of “baby” left in your little boy.







This is also a prime example of why I have so many images to sort through. These 5 pictures were shot between 3:46:55 and 3:47:08 pm on 7.26.07. That’s 5 frames in just 13 seconds. And this is just a few of what I shot that particular afternoon.

7 comments to This is why I get nothing done

  • Cindy

    Where did that baby go, before you know it he will be going off to college. Enjoy every moment.


  • Icanhasdiary

    Oh, crap. I see your dilemma! All of these shots are perfect, and I couldn’t pick a favorite out of there if I tried.
    I’m sure a more encouraging comment would have been better here, rather than a “I see why you’re stressed” comment, but… that’s what you get and you’ll LIKE IT. ;)


  • Cindy Mom—I will.

    ICHD—I’m not using these in my portfolio, I’m just getting distracted with all the oooohing and ahhhing over the cuteness. :)


  • naynayfazz

    Aw, what cute pictures of G-tot. He still looks the same- only with more hair and teeth. :) I was just looking through old pics of Aidan tonight and feeling sentimental. Babies grow up so fast. Puppies do as well. Don’t even get me started about my redhead. ;)


  • Amber

    He may not be a baby but he’s still cute as heck!! Time for another one!!


  • The tongue!! I love it! I don’t blame you. Baby G is the perfect distraction. :)


  • Well, you could always make another cute baby. :D


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