We Are Co-Sleepers

amtsnoozerI could probably count on one hand the number of times my son has slept in his own bed in the last two or so months—with fingers left over.

It’s not that he won’t, it’s just that we don’t.

We are co-sleepers.

Co-sleeping wasn’t something we planned on doing but rather something that just sort of happened over the last few months. G-tot would climb into our bed in the evening for our nightly story time ritual. After three or four books he would snuggle up to next to me and fall asleep. Do you know how wonderful it is to have your four year old nuzzle into you and drift off to sleep?

Those moments won’t last forever so I would never stop him from doing it.

Early on I would carry my son to his room and tuck him into his bed. In June I was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Previa and unable to lift anything over 10 pounds—including my son. So instead of taking him to bed he slept next to me right on his dad’s pillow.

My husband JQ keeps a much later schedule than we do and I liked having G-tot next to me. When JQ would come to bed hours later he could move G-tot to his own bed if he wanted to. But he didn’t.

Do you know why?

Because JQ wanted to snuggle with G-tot too. He loves those moments as much as I do. So instead of moving him to his own room, JQ would slide G-tot over and crawl in bed next to the two of us. And there the three of us would sleep in our queen size bed. More often than not JQ and I would have little limbs draped across us or end up with just a sliver of the bed to call our own space by morning.

For the most part that has become our routine over the last couple of months.

Does it have to be? No. My Placenta Previa went away and all my restrictions have been removed. I can pick up my son again. I could take him to his bedroom. We could do story time in his room if we really wanted to. JQ could move him at night. But we don’t.

Right now, we are co-sleepers.

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  • No judgment here! I did the same thing with my daughter. Before my step-son moved in with us full-time my husband worked late. I would keep my daughter in bed with me. And you are right, there is nothing better than snuggling with your kid. She now sleeps in her own bed (at the age of 6) but every once in a while she sneaks in for some snuggles and I am pretty much ok with that.


    Holly {Artist Mother Teacher} Reply:

    I love snuggling with him. I told him he could snuggle with me any time he wanted to—even after the baby comes. I don’t want him to ever think that he can’t.


  • I hear you. My seven and a half year old…

    What will you do when the baby comes?


    Holly {Artist Mother Teacher} Reply:

    G-tot has told us that when the baby comes he wants to share his room with him and they will both sleep there. :)


  • I don’t know what I love more: this post or the fact that you have a cat co-sleep with you beside your son :) What a great picture to have.

    I shared my bed with L from Day 1 until he was about 3. Then he got his own bed and I often fell asleep with him and slept there. I still sometimes do, and he is now 4 1/2 years.

    I’m a very proud co-sleeper :)


    Holly {Artist Mother Teacher} Reply:

    Thank you. I love that picture of us. :) Also a proud co-sleeper. It will be interesting to see how that dynamic changes once our second son is born (which will be this weekend!).


  • I wish I could talk my husband into this :s He has been sleeping on the couch pretty much since my little girl was born 10 months ago… Every once in a while he comments that she will have to cry it out eventually and I know it will be a marital battle, because I just can’t do it :( I would rather just spend the money and get a bigger bed, and sleep as a family!


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